Measure the Impact of Training on Performance & Business Outcomes

Do you struggle to prove your training leads to better business outcomes? 
Are you measuring the success of your training based on only smile sheets and completions?
Trying to make a business case for training to leadership but lack the evidence?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Wax LRS Business Impact Dashboard is for you!
Start Answering the Big Questions...
The Wax LRS Business Impact Dashboard measures the impact of training events or other performance interventions on business outcomes. Quantify the impact of your interventions on sales, customer care call times, costs, or any other business metric you are tracking. 
...and take your seat at the table
Present strong evidence for your business case to the C-Level. Results from the Business Impact Dashboard replace supposition and guesswork with hard facts. Finally, you can demonstrate the impact of your work using the language of business. 
We've carefully chosen the right analysis approach


This is not a simplistic statistical approach correlating training with performance. Such processes may do more harm than good because diagnosing causation in real-world situations is very difficult. Businesses cannot just use simpler models, those only work after careful data cleaning. Simple models are for use by scientists, not businesses. Applying them inappropriately leads to the wrong conclusions – for instance, estimating an effect as substantial or positive when it is actually small or negative. Acting on faulty results costs businesses money.

Our approach prevents these problems by using modern data techniques such as model averaging with built-in diagnostics and conservative estimates. We don't pretend that it's possible to conduct a controlled, randomized trial in a business setting that will both adhere to scientifically rigorous standards and provide actionable conclusions.

Instead of acting like L&D takes place in a lab, our methodology uses tested algorithms for non-experimental data that are sensitive to constantly changing business environments.


Results are summarized in graphs and easy-to-read text 


We're searching for 3 pilot companies
Interested to work with us for a few months? We'll help you prepare your data and analyze your first intervention

Here's how we'll work together

Week 1-2
Gathering requirements about your data and training programs
Week 2-4
Get the administrative stuff done, setup project plan and milestones
Week 4-8
Gain access to and prepare business outcome data
Week 8+
Build the dashboard capability in Wax LRS (load data, build model, test)
Start testing your interventions and prove the value of training
We'll answer any questions you have, so you can decide if it's a right fit

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