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Wax LRS Zapier Experience API Beta

Yammer company social network? Yes.


"When this happens, do this..."

The first step to getting started in Zapier is choosing a trigger and an action. For this demo, we've selected to record a new statement in Wax LRS everytime "Wax LRS" is mentioned on Twitter.  This is called a Zap!

Simply add a Twitter account and a Wax LRS endpoint with credentials to Zapier and test that the connections are working. You will see a message next to each account highlighted in  green. The next step is to filter our search to only track  mentions of Wax LRS. 

Tracking Twitter mentions

tweet! tweet!

Make sure that the
Twitter mention


Matches up with the
 statement in Wax LRS

Other services that work with Wax LRS

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Don't see the one you need? Let us know. CRM? Absolutely. 

Go To Meeting integration? Oh yeah. 

Twitter mentions, faves, and lists? Yup. 

Forms for tracking observations? Done. 


Trello cards and activity? Set it up.


Select the search term you want to track

Since we only want to track Wax LRS mentions, we need to select a search term for this Zap, we enter the @waxlrs Twitter handle.

Every time somebody mentions Wax LRS on Twitter, this Zap will automatically record a new Experience API statement to Wax LRS. 

We'd like to track more about the mention as well, like the author and content of the tweet. To do that, we need to map specific Twitter information about the person, tweet, and other info to a new statement...


Email? Sure enough.

or see how it works with our example below

Here's a demo for using Zapier with Wax LRS

zapier trigger and action

without writing a single line of code!

Wax LRS Zapier Service Filters


Map the search mention to the statement

This is where the superpowers kick in. Type in or click the drop down to map the necessary fields from Twitter to an Experience API statement. Here's how they match up for Twitter:

  • Actor Acount Name - @username of the person tweeting.
  • Actor Account Home Page -
  • Verb Display - 'mentioned in twitter search'
  • Verb ID -
  • Object ID -
  • Object Definition Name - @WaxLRS
  • Object Type - Activity
  • Response - "Text" property, content from the tweet

We only need to do this one time. Once everything is mapped into an Experience API statement, Zapier does all the magic of checking Twitter every 15 minutes for new mentions and automatically records them in Wax LRS.  

Now for the moment of truth, we need to test it all out.

Wax LRS Zapier Service xAPI Parameter Matching

Prerequisites: Setup a Wax LRS site, setup a Zapier account, and request the Wax LRS Zapier service!


Test the Zap and turn it on

To test the Zap, we need to get some sample data from Twitter and have Zapier test out the mapping. As long as Wax LRS has been mentioned on Twitter,  we should be fine (depending on what your are tracking, you may need to tweet with your search term).

We can even check your sample data to make sure it's correct. Once we click the "Test Zap with this sample" button, Zapier wil confirm that everything is working without any errors.

We'll give the Zap a name and "Turn Zap on". That's it!

Just to triple check and get that instant satisfaction, login to your Wax LRS account and check for the Twitter mention!

Wax LRS Zapier Service Test and Activate
Wax LRS Zapier Service Statement
twitter Wax LRS mention

Now go save the rest of the world!

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