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Design, planning and technical workshops for individuals and teams

Become an Experience API Expert

We'll help you build a solid technical and high level foundation of the Experience API. You will be ready to use the Experience API for social, mobile and informal learning. 

Accelerate Development

You can have a learning system Experience API enabled in a much shorter period of time, because we will help you with it. We have experience working in numerous development environments.

Assess Organizational Readiness

You have existing design tools, systems and processes. We help you define the required workflows based on your organizational needs, leadership readiness and employee engagement as it relates to the Experience API. 

Build an Organizational Strategy

Your organization's learning & development needs are unique, and we recognize that there may be some change management involved. We can help you build a plan and strategize in preparation for the changes that come with the Experience API.

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We can provide anything from individual consultations to on-site Experience API group workshops.

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