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Learn about the Experience API and how to implement it in your organization. We love talking xAPI and we're here to provide you with valuable resources to help you get started. Check out our informational webinars, hands-on workshops, white papers and case studies.


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White Paper: "How to Get

Started with the xAPI"

Get prepared for mLearnCon and complement what you learn about the Experience API with this must-have white paper. This resource will provide you with an introduction to this new eLearning standard, what it means to you and what you can do to get started in your organization.

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LRS Demo

If you just want to see the Experience API in action with no strings attached, call on Ali for a personalized demonstration of Wax LRS. It's the premier Learning Record Store for the analysis and visualization of learning data.


Saltbox Support Site

Our support site provides information about tool vendors and adopters, FAQs and some quick reference documentation to start sending xAPI statements to an LRS. You can also log support tickets or ideas for Wax LRS here.

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Short & Informative Webinars

We've compiled a list of short webinars about the Experience API for all audiences. There are a number of topics we cover about the real life uses of this new eLearning standard. 

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Russell Character

Experience API Tech Chops

Meet Russell, a major xAPI guru who helped write the Experience API standard. Find out what he's been up to and download this new Experience API best practices and compliance guide. 

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Strategic & Technical


Our hands-on workshops are the perfect way to get started. We cover Experience API organizational readiness, planning, design and implementation. These are run by our CEO, John.

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Experience API Documentation

Ready to dig in and read all the technical documents? We have curated a list of the best resources out there like the ADL specification documents, various practictioner blogs, verb repositories and best practices.

Experience API Documentation
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The Saltbox Blog

Our blog is a great micro-resource about different eLearning topics and the Experience API. Make sure to read all the comments, the best part is when we have open and direct dialog.

Saltbox Blog
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We are Experience API experts and major contributors to this eLearning technology standard. We've built a Learning Record Store (Wax LRS) so you can easily aggregate and analyze all your learning data from multiple sources.

Let us help you deliver better learning experience and start asking the questions you haven't thought of yet.

About the Experience API

The Experience API (xAPI) is a component of the Training and Learning Architecture (TLA), maintained by the ADL. The purpose of the xAPI is to store and provide access to learning experiences. The xAPI enables tracking of learning experiences, including traditional records, such as scores or completions. It also records learners' actions, like reading or writing and article or watching a video. The xAPI is designed to enable use cases such as mobile, informal and social learning that occurs outside an LMS or accessed outside a web browser.

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